The Hurricane Heist

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Photo Source: Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures

The rural town of New Hope, Ala., has a pair of super-sized problems heading its way: There’s a hurricane bearing down on the Gulf coastline, and there’s a team of 30 well-armed mercenaries intent on looting the local treasury facility. – Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures


The Hurricane Heist was written and directed by, actually it doesn’t matter. This story was probably bought from a 3rd grader who wrote a short story for school.

This movie had no right going to theaters. The Hurricane Heist should’ve been that movie you find on the SyFy channel Saturday night. The effects are on par with just about any made for TV movie. The plot was utterly ridiculous, a heist during a hurricane, absurd. This movie wanted to be taken seriously, tons of a sciencey words about meteorology were thrown around but then five minutes later the clouds of the hurricane would make an evil menacing skull face. Do you want to be a serious movie or are you embracing the B grade quality of your film? Figure it out The Hurricane Heist. The best scene in the whole movie is about peanut butter.

There is one positive about this movie, the acting. The performances are the only thing holding this abomination of a film together. Toby Kebbell is an excellent actor but he must have the worst agent in Hollywood. First Fan4stic and now this swill. He really is a great actor, that one episode of Black Mirror (“The Entire History of You”) he is in is one of my favorite episodes and he crushes it as Koba in The Planet of the Apes movies and he gave a solid performance in Kong: Skull Island. I’d love to see Toby Kebbell in another good movie. The love interest/secondary protagonist played by Maggie Grace was good. Ryan Kwanten played Toby’s brother and he was great too, comedic relief mostly. Even the villain played by Ralph Ineson was good, his motives made sense for the most part and I really dug that he didn’t want any unnecessary causalities, a nice touch for a villain. Notice how I didn’t use any of their character names? That’s because I couldn’t remember them and they didn’t really matter.

The Hurricane Heist is a solid B-movie but the price of admission is just not worth it at all. Watch it on cable for free or just don’t watch it at all, you’ll survive.

I give The Hurricane Heist a 4 out of 10, very unlikely to watch again.

Something about preferring Skippy peanut butter, which I do agree with. That is the superior PB.






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